Thursday, February 11, 2016

LOVE . . .

to have loved, cared, felt, cherished, treasured, smiled

is my everything




Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love Greetings . . .

Postcard collecting has been a hobby of mine for quite a few years.
I stopped at a local antique store the other day
and browsed through a few valentines
and valentine postcards too. 

You know the saying,
"things aren't like they used to be!"
Well that is how I felt . . .
oh the antique thingy is the same
postcards too
but the mystique and joy
I once found in it all
wasn't there. 

I think that sometimes happens,
when I am looking and searching for things,
they don't seem to show up,
but when "I least expect"
wow, what wonderful surprises.

The check out man said,
"oh, you are a postcard collector?"
And I replied,
"not really a COLLECTOR, just collect!"
And he went on to inquire why I liked postcards . . .
and I went on to tell him what I liked about them.

I look for dates that connect me to family and friends.
I look for state names, post mark dates.
I look for the  sayings, quotes, words, design.
Most of my postcards are cards from the very early 1900's.
I have more Santa cards than I can count.
My favorites  . . . I often give away . . .
It makes me happy to see others enjoy what I have enjoyed.

The cards above were my favorite's from my recent, "look and see."
The card "To My Sweetheart"
said . . . in beautiful old handwritten script,
"From Henry"

The " To My Valentine" card in light blue
had a long message about
"feeling cranky".
(The card was so sweet and delicate, the message, not so much.)

The 1910 was the year my mother was born
and on the back it said . . . Mother.

I really liked the little girl and the two boys and the quip,
"I like them both, what shall I do"

and the
You're a Honey of a Bunny
let's just say
that is what I think about each of you
a bunch of
Honey Bunny's
"This brings,
though far apart:
All cordial wishes
from my Heart."

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Afternoon Love . . .

each week or so, for an afternoon, I get to watch

sweet little great grand

we have some lunch

today it was broccoli, carrots, some chicken and an orange

we sing songs, like twinkle twinkle and where is thumbkin

new words are appearing all of a sudden

orange, bear, moo moo, bye bye, car, boots

I love you

fun to watch her try to say almost anything right now

long nap today

and when I heard her stir I went in with my iPad and clicked a few pics

oh my, such snuggles, rosy cheeks, thumb, hair flying all over the place

and then we cuddled up in the chair

I just kept clicking

look at those eyes, cheeks, eye lashes, smiles

all about some love

don't you think