Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcoming The Monarchs . . .


Monarch Butterflies
really like
 Milkweed.and Butterfly Bush
 I guess there are different varieties of the Milkweed.
and the Common Milkweed is the one seen most frequently.
I thinks this is the common milkweed I have pictured above.    
I found two patches of milkweed down the road from our house.
I had never noticed that milkweed
had blossoms until just recently. 
Not a good idea to cut the blossoms for bouquets though,
you'll get all sticky with the milk . . . not fun!

internet free images

I love seeing the Monarchs flitting around and
 other butterflies too

the road sides around here are filled with sweet peas
such a pretty time of the summer
take a walk or ride
enjoy the views
until the next time
Love, Lynne

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let Me Entertain You . . .. . .

Michael Buble' 
 blurry I know . . .use your imagination

you may have heard his music, seen him on television
there is nothing like one of his live concerts though 
Michael Buble'
is the ultimate in entertainment
this is our second time seeing him
the Van Andel Arena was beginning to fill up

here is a pic of 10,000 + people later
naturally 7, a beat box group, is MB's front group
(my guy really likes this group)
it was a treat for us to get away, sit back and enjoy
MB was so unbelievably wonderful
pre concert . . . a couple of selfies 
we went for dinner at
 before the concert
I had eaten there, mister IGH had not
salads, sandwiches, mac and cheese seemed to be the favorites
busy night at the cheetah
so to avoid the forty five minute wait
we sat at the bar area
in full view of them preparing the entrees
what fun that was to watch 

managed to get some selfies here too
we enjoyed our sandwiches
mister IGH enjoyed one of their famous root beer selections
made with an extra kick
a glass of wine for me

a friend of ours had his art work on display
we decided we needed to work less
and treat ourselves to things we enjoy
much more often
sounds like a perfect plan to me
until next time
Love, Lynne 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Fences . . .


First - Interesting look with sculpted bushes made into a fence row.
Second - Pickets, fence posts and lilies made for a charming roadside look.

I must confess, this week the fences have been found by my mister irish guy.
Each day he reports in with another "found fence." 

Thanks Theresa

for providing
Good Fences
for us to enjoy.
until next time,
Love, Lynne