Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Picnic . . .

We were invited to a summer picnic a few nights ago.
The very hot and humid weather that has been 
hanging around the past few days.
certainly didn't faze our having a grand time.
It was a wonderful evening.   
This  greeting was visible by the door.
We had been with this group of people at various holiday gatherings
but this was the first time we had been in the Walters home.
Five minutes after I was there I felt honored to be invited to
spend some time with this gracious, welcoming family.    
 It didn't take me long before I noticed some of the art work. 
This piece above was done by a family member.
The hostess told me that their grandchildren
had named each person in the painting. 
 and the food, oh my goodness.
Steak and Walleye and Perch  
 potatoes, cole slaw, baked beans, green beans,
 fresh fruit, veggies
and every kind of pie imaginable
vintage table cloths on each of the tables, so pretty
there were appetizers and refreshments too
and a decision was made to eat indoors because of the
warm, still, no breeze weather

and after eats and visits we were treated to a hay ride around the farm
not everyone went on the ride but those of us that did
enjoyed every minute
even the narrow turns, branches, bugs too
and the sunset was beautiful
and almost hidden from view was this old wire fence and post
I wondered if we would cross this bridge
I just knew there were trolls under there
and I could hear them say
"whose that crossing over my bridge"
(we rode beside not over)
 Jerry the host had put up hay the day of our picnic
We had fresh hay bales to sit on while on the wagon  
the evening ended with us visiting together outdoors
we enjoyed watching and listening to the host
as he called up the
bull, steers, calves
 to the house
 for an evening treat
"C'mon Boss, C'mon Boss, C'mon Boss"
a truly wonderful evening
In all of life, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.
Gordon B Hinckley
Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map.
It was wherever the people who loved you were,
whenever you were together.
Not a place, but a moment, then another,
building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter
that you take with you for your entire life,
wherever you may go.. 
Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye 
time to say goodnight
good night

Monday, July 27, 2015

Roadside Stands . . .

We have benefit of a wonderful City Farmer's Market.
We also have benefit of many Local Roadside Stands
located here and there, not far from our home.
Each, both are wonderful.
This is a post to honor the local farmer
and summertime roadside stands.
The other day we took some time to visit a few roadside stands,
Sodini's Blueberry farm was one of our stops
 you can pick your own blueberries or purchase already picked

we purchased already picked and started eating them right out of the box 

Shortly after arriving home
I made a yummy Blueberry Torte for starters.
I'll be making Blueberry Muffins next.
River Road Roadside Stand
fresh veggies daily

Just a hop, skip and a jump
really not far from our home, there is a small veggie stand.

I drive by this stand when leaving the house to go out and about 
and drive right by when I am returning home.
Perfect place to make a quick stop
to pick up some fresh veggies for our evening meal.
can you believe it, only 25 cents each

Naan Bread, Veggie Pizza
I cut up some zucchini and summer squash,
 and began to saute' the veggies
with sliced onions, peppers, tomatoes.

I brought out a cookie sheet,
 added a bit of olive oil to the Naan bread,
sprinkled some pepper cheese on the bread,
added the veggies, added more cheese on top,
  set the oven at 400 degrees
and baked the Naan bread, veggie pizza
for about 8-9 minutes.

no doubt about it

 our favorite sweet corn stand wasn't opened on
Maple island Road
but right down the road we found another
and it is a gem

the photos say it all

this stand was totally self serve

one red money box, a few signs and some corn

loved this, one size bag for 1 dozen and a different sized bag for 2 dozen
I was over the moon at this tackle box, tool box, make shift money box
duct tape signage works too

this was the first corn pick of the season,
very young corn is truly my favorite
I bet the next pick will be perfect

Michigan Home Grown Sweet Corn
Zucchinis terrific!
Like bunnies, prolific!
author unknown
The trouble is, you cannot grow just one zucchini.  Minutes after you
plant a single seed, hundreds of zucchini will barge out of the ground
and sprawl around the garden, menacing the other vegetables. At
night, you will be able to hear the ground quake as more and more
zucchinis erupt.
Dave Barry
~ ~
There Are No Happier Folks
Than Plant Lovers
And None More Generous
Than Those Who Garden.
author unknown
~ ~ ~
Gardening is cheaper than therapy
and you get tomatoes.
author unknown
that's all I have
signing off
nite, nite

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ask Yourself . . . .

Ask yourself what is really important
and then have the wisdom and courage
to build your life around the answer.

author unknown



I am lost in flower joy
out I go with the scissors
snip, snip, snip
and I have flowers
for my vases
the bright reds are a combo of
crocosmia and montbretia
(first found in Ireland)
some bee balm in there too
what a wonderful world


 We lose ourselves in the things we love
We find ourselves there, too.
found on tanna's
"I want to take this day,
fold it up, and put it in my pocket
so I can have it again and again. 
What is really necessary in life? 
A blue bay to gaze on . . . sun."
Under the Wide and Starry Sky
Nancy Horan 
a great book about
Robert Louis Stevenson
"The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower,
share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's,
smile at someone and receive a smile in return,
are to me continual spiritual exercises."
  Leo Buscaglia
“The things that make me different are the things that make me."
A.A. Milne
Laura, Forest Dreams
enjoy sharing your beauty