Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hosting Paint Night . . .

A few nights ago, four of us met together at my house,
for a night of painting.  No instruction, just us.
There were two others that planned to be with us
but they ended up having conflicts.
It was a night to paint whatever we wanted to.
We each had a plan and off we went.

I planned some eats and others brought things too.
As you will see, some wine bottles
found their way onto the make shift kitchen island studio.
Donna and I painted Birch Trees.
I really like Donna's painting intent, style and touch.

Marie arrived late at our event
and decided not to paint
and instead
this silly girl showed us her empty canvas, new brushes and paints
(Next time she promises us she will paint!).

 Barbie surprised us all. 
She knew just what she wanted to paint and set off to do so.
The funny part was when she walked through the door with her seven foot easel.
She named her painting, 
Dandelions in the Dark
Barbie was on a dynamo roll.   
 Donna's final Birch Tree painting was wonderful,
like I said, I like her touch!
Donna and I were following the same picture as a guide.
We had similar, but slightly different interpretations. 
 I grew up in a family where my brother and mother were considered the artists.
Venturing out this past year to give my hand at a try in painting
has surprised me as much as it has surprised others. 
I must say,
I haven't enjoyed anything else this much in a long, long time.
The best part has been in the trying and doing, very relaxing,
You may have heard about Paint Nights
that are happening in many cities and in various settings.
I have been participating with a local artist
and her
Art Uncork'd Paint Nites
(click on her name and it will take you to see her exceptional art)
There are six to eight of us painting each paint night.
Sharon has a painting that she has completed
for us to look at and ponder and then she leads
us into painting our own.
There is a charge for the classes
which include the paints, brushes, canvas and the artists guidance.
Paint Nights can be found in many cities near me
I just checked and found many within a half hour to hour drive,  
so I am sure you can find them too.
I encourage you to give it a try,
it is really very enjoyable.
In addition, there are many videos available on line
that give you step to step visual instruction
in oils, acrylics and watercolor.
I'll be back again soon,
Love, Lynne


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Squirrel Critter . . .

Watching from the kitchen window I witnessed this
Black Squirrel
pondering how to get food out of the feeder.
(the ground was laden with sunflower seeds, peanuts and such)
(sometimes we only want what we want when we want it)
(if you know what I mean)
how the squirrels shimmy up that pole is beyond me
 the cloudy spot near the tail is a dirty window spot
(really some bird feathers from a bird hitting the window)
this is the famous feeder which almost took my finger off a few years ago  
persistent indeed  . . .scratch marks where they have tried to remove the lid
if he had looked down a bit he would have seen his food 
deciding what to do next 
giving up 
down the pole he went
he stayed busy under the feeder though
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Painting Pictures Next
Until then,
Love, Lynne

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good Fences . . .

I thought I was in Texas
when I found this entrance/gate/fence the other day.
It reminded me of some of the photos that Texas friend brings to us.

This ranch is named
 I don't think snow like this happens in Texas,
although, I have never been to Texas, so I might be wrong.
But, we are taking care of that little issue,
Snickers, Mister IGH and I will be taking off for Texas very soon.
It will be the first winter we will be getting away
 to spend time in warmer weather.
(Snickers will be doing my posts while we are gone.)
happens every Thursday
I have met some wonderful people
and visited their fence photos from all over the world.
why not link up and join us
click on the Good Fences above and it will take you to
Theresa's, (TexWis) site
Love, Lynne