Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Fences . . .


First - Interesting look with sculpted bushes made into a fence row.
Second - Pickets, fence posts and lilies made for a charming roadside look.

I must confess, this week the fences have been found by my mister irish guy.
Each day he reports in with another "found fence." 

Thanks Theresa

for providing
Good Fences
for us to enjoy.
until next time,
Love, Lynne


Monday, July 21, 2014

Sixteen . . .


Happy Birthday Jordon
my youngest grandchild
daughter Suzie and son in law Mike's son
celebrates his sixteenth birthday today
I stopped up at their house yesterday
(about ten minutes away)
to drop off a birthday card for him
I was in luck, Jordon was home
beach and golf took the rest of the family away
I bothered him with some picture taking
and he tolerated it just fine 
one might say it was supposed to happen this way
the sun was bright, the day beautiful
we sat in the driveway
visited, talked, laughed
a special moment indeed
to spend some time together
he has inherited his brothers car for his birthday
I'd say . . . a pretty sweet ride for a sixteen year old
he is one
very nice young man
Happy Day Jordon
I love you over the moon and
back and around again and again
 Love, Granny


Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Bit Of My World . . .

one has to be ready for the days plans to change
I needed to adjust my day because
my mister Irish guy is in his very final project week 
ever read two books at a time
I confess . . . sometimes I do
these two are my current reads
the one on the left has taken precedence though
guess what I am going to be doing
in just a few
lunch with my friend colleen the other day
I found a bit of the Irish tucked in
 with a bunch of books she had for me
sometimes birthdays can last the entire year
my recovered garden table chairs
brought to mind my friends
kerin and mona
they are liking some red and patterns too
which one will I choose
my youngest grandson Jordon
will be sixteen on Monday and driving
(oh my, please be safe sweet boy)
his brother's birthday is on Friday
and he will be twenty
where did the time go
I must do some card delivery
before the reading continues
and here is the little miss adorable great
they all send me pictures
I like the holding and cuddling too
my daughters quip
"here she is watching her morning shows" 
isn't this one a hoot
look at those long eyelashes
hmmmm, wonder what she is dreaming . . .
and how could I resist this one
she is shouting
I am three months old already!
life is grand
be kind to one another
see you in a bit
Love, Lynne