Friday, April 17, 2015

Randoms, Spring and Squirrels . . .

 A few random thoughts for the week.
1.~  "Happy birthday to the best dad a girl could ever ask for.
I'm so glad God blessed me with such a loving and supportive father.
You deserve the world for everything you have done for me and our family.
I hope your day was everything you wanted.
I love you."
written on Facebook by my granddaughter Amanda,
for my son Scott, on his 51st birthday this week
picture was taken a few years ago
Amanda's 21st birthday was in March

2.~ A new bed of Helebores . . . a true sign that spring has arrived.
and below, some Helebores in bloom

3.~ I am willing to say that sometimes I find squirrels
just plain "squirrelly cute."  


4.~ Things I planted in my cutting garden this past year are beginning to sprout 

5.~ Everyone was celebrating Sibling Day on FB the other day
so I hunted up a picture of me and my brother.
The photo was taken in 1942 .
My grandson Jordon wondered why my face was painted. 
I tried to explain that this is how studios used to finish their photos.

Random 5 Friday
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Thank you for visiting me
and for leaving me
such kind and loving comments.
.Enjoy a sunny, springtime weekend. 
Love, Lynne 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Through the Gate . . .

the air is warmer
the trees are showing their first blush
water is moving in the streams
time for a spring walk
 through the gate
 across the stream
into the woods
linking with
thank you friends
for your wonderful sweet comments
you bring smiles to my days
Love, Lynne

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ninety Two Pictures . . .

 The family was here this past weekend to celebrate birthdays.
My son Scott was celebrating 51 years and
baby great grand was celebrating her 1st birthday.
Scott took the back seat to the celebrations
but he was just fine with it all,
he even shared the pink and white cake!
 I will keep my words few and let the pictures tell the story.
Lucky you, I am including just ten pictures
instead of the ninety two I took.
I love this animal touch and feel book.
Sweet and precious, no doubt about it.
Look how she takes her little pointer finger
and shows me where the chick's eye is. 
Now is that precious or not.

Oakland seems to love her books.

Love the knee up, bow in her hair and holding the book.

And the giant adult fork
I think I best get shopping.
Amazing small muscle control though . . .
(spoken like a granny don't you think) 

first cake and ice cream, just a few bites

Thank goodness daughter Suzie still had her  
children's high chair for Oakland to use.
She brought it along for the birthday camera pictures.
Sometimes I catch a serious look, I wondering what she is thinking!
Not sure what the open mouth below is all about
but I love this picture.
I think she is showing me her teeth.

Happy Birthday Sweet Precious Oakland
We Love You
Great Granny and Great PaPa
I'll be back soon . . .
Love, Lynne